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Advisory on Precious Metals Allocation for Wealth Preservation

Gold represents power and stability, particularly in volatile times. Degussa Gold bars are the classic embodiment of this simple philosophy committed to preserving value. That’s what makes them so precious – for you and for future generations.

Gold is money, everything else is credit!

(J. P. Morgan ca. 1912)

Degussa Buys, Produces, Stores and Sells Precious Metals

LBMA Certified

Operating Worldwide

Longtime Heritage

Tradition and Future

Your Partner for Precious Metals Investing and Safekeeping Worldwide

Degussa is the first choice for investing in physical precious metals and security storage.  Buy and sell your precious metals at any time and have your assets stored in high-security vaults in Switzerland, Germany and the UK.

Regulated by the financial authorities as an Asset Custodian ensures the same strict monitoring as a bank, while allowing more flexibility and less bureaucracy for clients.

Customers’ confidentiality and privacy is of the utmost importance.