Environmental Sustainability

Degussa is committed to the sustainable stewardship of natural resources around the world.

This is why Degussa’s bars come exclusively from manufacturers that have earned the worldwide acknowledged London Good Delivery Standard seal of approval and that have verified the integrity of their supply chains.

Social Responsibilty

Degussa expects refiners and all other suppliers to follow the same ethical principles that guide the company. 

They shall respect human rights, protect health and safety of their employees and require their suppliers to do the same.

They shall not buy precious metals or other goods from war zones or troubled spots, ensuring that sourcing meets international ethical standards.

They shall not tolerate any form of corruption nor bribery and prove their efforts to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and human rights abuses.


Degussa has launched an original bar made of 999.9 fine gold in aid of the Theodora Foundation. It comes in a printed blister with the inscription “Children’s laughter is worth its weight in gold – for the benefit of the Theodora Foundation”.

The Theodora Foundation holds the “Week of Happiness” for the 7th time, turning the one “Day of Happiness” into a whole week and thus giving more children the opportunity to be visited by a dream doctor.