Degussa Ensures Peace of Mind for Wealth Preservation

Degussa is the only company of its kind that controls and operates its own vaults and safe deposit boxes.

You can choose to deposit your Gold in Degussa´s vault, allocated and segregated, or rent a safe deposit box for your precious metals and other valuables.


Degussa´s highly secured safe deposit boxes and vaults provide the safest, most cost efficient solution to store your bullions and valuables. 

The security systems in each location meet the same standards as any Central Bank vault storage, supported by on-site protection officers, making Degussa your best option to give you a peace of mind.

Regulated by the financial authorities as an Asset Custodian ensures the same strict monitoring as a bank, while allowing more flexibility and less bureaucracy for clients.


Global Storage

Storage locations are available through Degussa´s partnerships on all continents. The storage is arranged as individual safekeeping, thus guaranteeing your ownership status.

Metal holdings are independently audited on a regular basis, and a certified account statement is issued quarterly or yearly, attending to clients’ specific needs.